A natural alternative to plastics
with all its advantages but without its disadvantages

Caleyda has tuned properties

making it suitable for a wide range of applications

And fully biodegradable - Never forming microplastics


Caleyda is produced using circular feedstocks. These are residual organics that do not compete with the Food supply. At the end of its use, Caleyda can be recycled mechanically or biologically. 


Caleyda is produce by natural microbes that exist in all Earth environments. These microbes produce and consume PHA (such as Caleyda) as a natural food reserve.


Caleyda is fully biodegrable. Just as cellulose or starch, Caleyda is a natural material that will be consumed by microbes once in soil, fresh water or marine enviroments, fitting the natural Carbon cycle.

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Caleyda is an initiative of the 

PHA2USE project.

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